Tinged by love.  Singed by war.  Informed by years of playing the dives.

'Two Kinds Of Light' is a channel.  It's a channel thru which the music flows.  Sometimes in a torrent.  Other times in a trickle.  Isn't that just the way it goes sometimes?

Music tells a story.  All music does.  The story might be your story, or one you never heard before.  Or it might be one that has a timeless quality.  In some respects all stories are timeless.  The framing, or the form, might change.  But the thread that runs thru it all is where that timelessness comes from.

This world shapes us.  Leaves it's stamp.  Good or bad, it's gift to you, is your story.  We're musicians at heart.  This is how we learned to talk story.  From back porch guit-fiddle pickin' sessions, to using an electric-guitar's roar in a dingy dive bar, we learned to tell these stories.  Here, we'll tell 'em with digital recordings from the studio, pictures straight from an iPhone, YouTube slideshow videos, and in the ramblings of a Blog that goes in deep, beneath the surface of these little ditty's, to help tell these stories.  Follow the thread.  

Special mention goes to Recording Engineer Terry Watkin for drumming his heart out, lending his engineering expertise, and his ears.  A Canadian ex-pat, he is the main proprietor of Perks Place Recording Studio in Westlake Village, California.  He is also an M.I. trained drummer with worldly experience.  Terry works full time in the recording industry.  He works with the stars on music recordings and does commercial work, voice overs, and the like.  Some of his recent projects, that I know he is proud of, include ‘Rex Roller’ and ‘Magellan's Ghost’.  Two Kinds Of Light would not have taken the form it has, without him.  Look up Perks Place Recording Studio in Westlake Village, CA. 

Two Kinds Of Light’s bio would not be complete without a salute to the men and women of the US Armed Forces.  

Cats, guitars, a pretty girl, motorcycles, and rock n roll...  It's a blessed life!! 

Salty Rose, Livin’ the dream.  2020