Salty Rose

Who is Salty Rose?


Salty Rose is a roving, restless, reckless, roustabout, and a working-class slide guitar player.  A bass player.  A singer & a songwriter.  The lead guitarist for the band TruckerBomb.  A Veteran.  And the blogger, vlogger, photographer, storyteller, and motorcycle rider for Two Kinds Of Light.  Original music and a few other things.  Based in Ventura, California. 

"Salty Rose, here".  I've made a lifelong musical career out of being a dive-bar guitar-slinger.  The bands I've had the opportunity to work with play original music, classic rock, top-40, alt-country, punk rock, and the blues.  My exploits on the guitar, punctuate a life spent carving out a living, as a builder and a citizen-soldier.  I rock the dives every chance I get. 

My musical career as a sideman, is as important to me, as my original music is.  It's been a mainstay of my music career.  Ever the showman, having supported local artists like:  D.on Darox & the Melody Joy Bakers, Jodi Farrell & The Front Street Prophets, Skarecrow & The Graverobbers, Crying 4 Kafka, and The Pretty Ugly's.  For 2021 Salty Rose has joined TruckerBomb for the recording of the bands first album. 

My creed is, "I just want to play my guitar".

In addition to being an artist and dive-bar guitarist, like most guitar players, I'm a little bit of a gear geek.  On my YouTube channel, in my Gear Gallery, and on my stories page I feature my humble (or maybe not so humble?) opinions about music gear.

To sum it up I like to think of my original music project Two Kinds Of Light as being- "Tinged by love. Singed by war. Informed by years of playing the dives". 

Echo's of the past ain't far behind. 

Salty Rose. 2021

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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter, don’t mind.”

— Dr. Seuss


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"My musical career as a Sideman, is as important to me, as my original music is...

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