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Cancer Letters #5. A Rare Disease. & Lots Of Other Things To Consider. 

Greetings Again! 

Had consultations with USC and UCLA last week...  Looking like UCLA will do the deed.  We actually liked them a lot.  Penciled in for 11-9...  I got that call today.  Although I wouldn't wish this on anyone, I know I am very fortunate under the circumstances, and am looking forward to getting the ball rollin'.  Probably be there for a week and then home after that.  

Anyways, thought about ya and wanted to bring you up to speed on my latest shenanigans.  


I cant find it in any of…

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Iraq Journal #5. "Your Fired" & "Everybody Desires Freedom!!". 17 & 22 June 2004. 

Iraq Journal #2. How? Why?

Iraq Journal #3. USAF & UXO's

Iraq Journal #4. Alarm Red.

A reunion of sorts.  February 2020.  

Todays blog post of the Iraq Journal probably isn't going to contain any witty vignettes.  It does cover one of the low points of OIF for me personally.  Part of the title for this installment, "Your Fired", isn't really an accurate description of what happened.  It's more just how it felt.  And in the end, it really was all for the better.  At least for me.  And it was apropos…

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Gear Geeks #6. Vintage Reissue Perestroika & The Rock 'n Roll Arms Race. 

Gear Geeks #5. Fender-Japan.

Gear Geeks #4. Marshall Origin Amplifier

Gear Geeks #3. The Les Paul Junior and Fender Champ.

By the time the 1980's were in full swing, we were rollin in it.  That's right.  Trickle down theory was kickin' ass all over the place.  It was easy to buy into that, hook, line, and sinker.  Especially after the malaise of the 1970's.  Everyone I knew was driving new trucks.  The sun was shining, and we were making hay.  The Japanese in the meantime, were about to wipe the American…

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Iraq Journal. A Review... Last Out: Elegy Of A Green Beret. 

Mary was packing her things.  She was, at the age of 84, leaving her home of 57 years.  So many memories.  Moving to a vibrant independent living community, to try and re-establish a normal social life, and make the most of her days such as they are now.

I was helping her.  Got her cane, some warm coats, and as many houseplants as we could carry.  I took a cell-phone-photo of the handprints that she had us kids paint on the wall in the hallway, when I was 8 years old.  What a fun, simple, time.  Rummaging…

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Blue Eyes #2. the ocean, I've struggled with it for years. 

I remember being afraid of the water.  But I think most people initially are.  And then the day arrives where you just “Jump in with both feet”.  Next thing you know, you’re swimming. 

As a teenager the whole surf thing had it's allure for me.  Maybe better described as having it’s pull on me.  The oceans gravitational pull, perhaps?  And I remember being in awe of the waves.  On big days, awe would turn to fear.  The stakes were higher.  But again, you had to “jump in with both feet” as it were, and…

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Cancer Letters #4. Going downtown. Get in the game. 

In the last Cancer Letters, I wrote about praying and planning.  Today's letter seems to be about educating myself, and attitude. 

Dr Supple advised me to go downtown for the liver resection surgery after he reviewed my initial CT Scan results.  USC or UCLA.  A tertiary care hospital.  That is, a hospital specializing in cancer management.  Before all this happened I couldn't have told you what a tertiary care hospital is.  I can now.

He gave me phone numbers to USC and UCLA.  I called both, to arrange…

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Iraq Journal #4. Alarm Red. 16 June 2004. 

Continuing the journal entries.  In entry #2, I describe the BIAP area.  In #3, I cover the first journal entry I made in-country.  Todays entry, #4, was written at the end of the first week... 

To re-cap part #3, we were instructed to lay flat on the ground during an attack, and during an afternoon attack I was caught out in the open.  A mistake that I vowed not to repeat. 

Today, in looking over this next entry, I noticed the profanity and political incorrectness had started creeping in.  Some of my…

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Gear Geeks #5. Fender-Japan. Limited Edition FSR 54 Strat. 

Here it is, rock'n the stage... 

In April of 2013 I picked up a '54 Limited Edition Stratocaster.  I believe it came from Dyna-Gakki, Fender-Japan.  At the time, I heard there were only 200 imported to the US from Japan.  As a hardcore 'Made In USA' guy, buying this guitar was a little bit of a tough pill to swallow.  But I couldn't overlook the fact that this guitar is super resonant and light weight.  And it had a neck you could not find at this price point.  It has a baseball bat, V-neck, that rivals…

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Blue Eyes #1. Revisiting a Riff. For Better Or For Worse.  

December 2019.  Tonight we tracked piano and vocals on another previously written, but somewhat misguided, song.  This song started life as a break-up song.  A few years ago.  We tracked it at Perks Place.  I pitched it to the band Whiskey Glass Eye.  After we finished recording it, Ed, the bandleader for WGE turned it down.  He had a good reason...  It was kind of a mean song.  It wasn't called 'Blue Eyes' back then, either.  I don't even want to mention the original title.

The original version did have…

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Gear Geeks #4. The Marshall Origin Amplifier 

Before you get to reading...  I have FIVE Marshall Origin YouTube videos, at the bottom of this page.  Updated February 2020.  Enjoy!

As of December 2019, I've had my ORI50H for a few months now.  I recorded The ‘I Can Shine’ album with it, with a JCM410B 4x10 cabinet. I've used my Origin 50 head for shows with a 2x12 Marshall model 2045 cab from 1976.  Last rock 'n roll show did reveal that I could actually make use of a 4x12. …Master and gain dime'd on 50 watts, nothing left to give with those two twelve…

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