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Music #4. Gear Geeks. The Marshall Origin Amplifier 

I've had my ORI50H for a few months now.  I recorded The ‘I Can Shine’ album with it, with a JCM410B 4x10 cabinet. I've used my Origin 50 head for shows with a 2x12 Marshall model 2045 cab from 1976.  Last rock 'n roll show did reveal that I could actually make use of a 4x12. …Master and gain dime'd on 50 watts, nothing left to give with those two twelve inchers, and realized I coulda maybe used a little more horsepower.  And maybe something a little newer.

Enter the Origin 4x12. 

I love the Marshall ORI50H…

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The Cancer Letters #3. Thankful for those who went before. Game-plan & Livestrong 

Right off the bat, after diagnosis, I was pretty busy.  They sent me straight over to the hospital for bloodwork that same day.  The very next day I had my first CT Scan.  A lot was riding on the results, because I understood that if the scan showed that the cancer had already spread, I'd be referred to palliative care instead of treatment.  I thought, "no problem, I can do this".  But the next three days, waiting for the scan results, was murder.

So much of what happens after diagnosis boils down to…

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The Iraq Journal #3. USAF & UXO's. 10 & 15 June 2004.  

The following are the first entry's I did in country.  As members of the California Air National Guard, we ended up with the Active Duty Air Force, for OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).  Our initial activation orders said OEF (Enduring Freedom, which meant Afghanistan).  But once we got to Travis AFB, we were assigned to a group called Team Panther, which was slated for duty attached to the 447th AEG (Air Expeditionary Group) at Baghdad Airport.  BIAP, or Baghdad International Airport (formerly Saddam…

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The Cancer Letters #2. E-mailing the Veterans. 

9-12-2012 I had my gallbladder removed.  Before that, for months, I had a funny feeling in my side and had been waking up with a sore throat.  Neither issue was debilitating.  They were more annoyances, really.  I told my Primary Doc at a routine physical about these issues, and knowing I had gallstones, he advised that I should have my gallbladder removed by a surgeon.  I actually waited a few months to get in contact with the surgeon because I thought, "Surgery?  Really? Aren't we making a mountain out of…

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Moto #1. Katy Perry... Get Off My Lawn!  

Ok, this will probably just be an odd-ball rant.  Ruminations and musing's on the world as it look's from this motorcycle guy's perspective.  Let's do this!

I am aware that there is this thing, characterized by the sum of many points of contention, between 'millennials' and 'boomers'.  Most of the time this awareness comes from seeing the rants of others on social media.  Sometimes these vignettes are humorous, but other times they seem a little hostile.  The whole thing, hostile or not, is funny to me…

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The Iraq Journal. #2. How? Why?  

On December 29th, 2004 (after I got back), I started copying notes from the journal I kept while in Iraq, putting them in Word-files, with pictures I took.  The initial entry which I have for you here, below, was written then with recollections to set the stage for the rest of the journal.  I’ve decided to share it here in the Blog.  I may consider some edits upon reviewing the entries, but for the most part I’d like to keep them as written.  Even if some of it is hard to understand, or politically…

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Music #3. Gear Geeks. Lets Rock. The Les Paul Junior, Fender Champ, and the Tubescreamer. 

In the video below that's your Bargain-Basement-Bin-Barroom-Blues-Guitarist playing it live on-stage in Pasadena, Ca, at The Old Town Pub.  With a Les Paul Junior, two Fender Champ Amps, and a Tube Screamer.  The 2005 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Junior 1957 Reissue.  

Real vintage Fender amps, and a Gibson Historic Reissue Les Paul Jr...  A killer combo that is hard to beat.  The amps are daisy chained- a 1966 Fender Champ, and a 1965 Fender Vibro-Champ.  A Fender Champ by itself is "good to go" if sound…

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The Cancer Letters #1. Messed Up & Whiskey Glass Eye. 

Cancer is messed up.  I don't even know where to begin this blog post.  As I sit here typing, and thinking, I certainly don't know how to end it.  It is something that I personally know a little something about.  I'd like to write about it, or somehow share something of this experience, but what?  Well, I'm going to try, here goes...  Let's start with one of the most heart-rending things about a cancer diagnosis.  The uncertainty. 

Upon being diagnosed, I sought advice from friends, Doctors, and survivors I…

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Music #2. 'Last Song'. Studio Preview. Video Sneak Peak. Let's Rock Out. 

The 'Last Song' for you.  Two Kinds Of Light is finishing up production on a new version/single of this song.  Always liked this one.  Written by my friend and long time musical associate Kevin Navis.  One of the most creative writers I've met in my travels.  A passionate man who imparts and infuses his writing and guitar work with feeling.  And that has always made him even more of a curiosity to me as he has always maintained a stoic, or better yet, a hardened and tough exterior. 

This song dates back to…

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