Blue Eyes #2. the ocean, I've struggled with it for years.

I remember being afraid of the water.  But I think most people initially are.  And then the day arrives where you just “Jump in with both feet”.  Next thing you know, you’re swimming. 

As a teenager the whole surf thing had it's allure for me.  Maybe better described as having it’s pull on me.  The oceans gravitational pull, perhaps?  And I remember being in awe of the waves.  On big days, awe would turn to fear.  The stakes were higher.  But again, you had to “jump in with both feet” as it were, and paddle out.  Take the drop*.  Next thing you know you might be getting your ass handed to you.  But if that happens, you still try again, in spite of that fear.  Eventually you make the drop, and make the right moves.  And then you end up totally stoked. 

What does any of this have to do with the song Blue Eyes?  Well, I think these things are metaphors for life and love.   For me, part of what this song is about, is not giving up.  On a couple different levels. 

So, here we are, figuring out what to do with that song riff.  That darn Blue Eyes riff.  It resonates, and had a pull on me, just like the ocean.  In a way that made it impossible to let go of it.  I had to find a way to make it work.  I talked about it in another blog posting last month.  Had to find a way.  Another living metaphor for not giving up?  Enter the new lyrics.  Taking the drop, as it were.

This brings us to the whole point of this blog posting.  What started this current tirade, was the reflection of trying to dream up some Youtube content for this song.  With the means and medium available to me, I like to create these slideshow videos.  This slideshow, is me and Blue Eyes trippin' around the Channel Island National Park.  So why this slideshow? For this song?  

All the ocean and sky blues, juxtaposed with the monochrome steel-grays of the seascape, just seemed to fit. This song is indeed like the ocean, I've struggled with it for years. This is the best and final version. As I mention in the Blue Eyes Part 1 Blog posting, this song is not exactly a re-mix... It’s more a re-write. I was going thru chemo during the original recording sessions.  Not a good time.  Originally, the song lyric (that was replaced for this version), came out pretty tough and maybe even a little mean sounding. Guess that's not a bad mindset to have, during the fight of your life.  But in reality, during some parts of that ordeal, I was actually getting my ass handed to me.  Those earlier lyrics seemed to reflect that.  So, in December 2019 I metaphorically paddled back out.  As I paddled, thinking about how much she loves the sea, and thinking about some of the things that me and Blue Eyes have gone thru the last couple years. Next thing you know, new lyrics...

Dropped in, made the bottom turn, and hit the lip.  Stoked at last.

Salty Rose, 2020

* To 'paddle out', 'take the drop', and 'hit the lip', are figures of speech.  Surf jargon, which could be very loosely translated in metaphorical terms, as 'embarking', 'committing', and 'succeeding'.  Being 'stoked' is an expression of extreme satisfaction.


  • Franny
    Franny Wimberley TX
    The slide show tuned out great and your blog posts just keep getting better. Keep up the good work!🤙

    The slide show tuned out great and your blog posts just keep getting better. Keep up the good work!🤙

  • Two Kinds Of Light
    Two Kinds Of Light
    Thank You!

    Thank You!

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