Blue Eyes #1. Revisiting a Riff. For Better Or For Worse.

December 2019.  Tonight we tracked piano and vocals on another previously written, but somewhat misguided, song.  This song started life as a break-up song.  A few years ago.  We tracked it at Perks Place.  I pitched it to the band Whiskey Glass Eye.  After we finished recording it, Ed, the bandleader for WGE turned it down.  He had a good reason...  It was kind of a mean song.  It wasn't called 'Blue Eyes' back then, either.  I don't even want to mention the original title.

The original version did have it's merits.  This song did had a riff that I really like.  A good bouncy beat.  A guitar tone that is nasal, but crunchy at the same time.  The original recording was done while yours truly was undergoing treatment for cancer.  It was in the middle of six months of chemo.  That may have added to the darkness of the proceedings back then.  The original recording had Ed playing rhythm guitar.  And a vocal track that was, well, as another friend described it... 'ruthless'.  

That vocal and lyric had to go.  The song itself, the melody, was too good to just throw away so I decided to keep the song and re-write the lyric.  It needed a story that matched the feel-good vibe of the riff.  That was one of the original problems with it.  Here's this happy sounding melody, with this toxic lyric attached to it.  It just didn't work.

So I turned to that well spring of inspiration.  Blue Eyes, herself.  And wrote the lyric as you will hear it come 2020.  It's based upon a true story.  It's about a mean guy.  He just just blows it, with his girl, and regrets doing so.  He begs her to take him back.  So now, it still has a break-up theme to it, but with hopefully a happy ending this time!  It's a, lets 'make-up instead of break-up', kind of song now. 

I loved the original guitar solo so we kept that.  The legendary 1964 Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier that I sang about in "Singin' The Blues", off the 'I Can Shine' album, provides the tone for that solo along with my Sunburst Les Paul guitar.  To further give the song that more amiable sound, we stripped it down to Bass guitar, Lead guitar, Baby Grand piano, and Drums, at Perks Place.  Terry's adding some percussion.  A tambourine to help lighten things up some.  The bass guitar and the piano together, to me, sound like a chorus of tuba's ;)  Rounding things out, we added some harmonies on the fly, and doubled some vocals up.

Good news.  For a good little riff. 

That's being born again, this time hopefully, a little bit more...  'In The Light'.  

The (Happy) End.  :)

Salty Rose,  2019


Whiskey Glass Eye-





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