Gear Geeks #5. Fender-Japan. Limited Edition FSR 54 Strat.

Here it is, rock'n the stage... 

In April of 2013 I picked up a '54 Limited Edition Stratocaster.  I believe it came from Dyna-Gakki, Fender-Japan.  At the time, I heard there were only 200 imported to the US from Japan.  As a hardcore 'Made In USA' guy, buying this guitar was a little bit of a tough pill to swallow.  But I couldn't overlook the fact that this guitar is super resonant and light weight.  And it had a neck you could not find at this price point.  It has a baseball bat, V-neck, that rivals the girth of my Historic '57 Les Paul.  Unplugged, it has a beautiful warm tone.  Plugged in the warmth translates into one fat sounding Strat.  I also like the old style bridge and tuners.  The only thing I see on first glance that isn't 'vintage style' is it has a poly coating instead of lacquer.  A closer look inside reveals electronics which aren't period correct, it's a more modern looking type of construction.  Plugged in sound and tone wise, it sounds a lot warmer and fuller to my ears, than my USA '69 Re-Issue C.S. Strat, which has been my favorite Strat for 20 years. I really like this '54 a lot. 

I used it quite a bit with D.on Darox & The Melody Joy Bakers in 2015-16, on-stage.  It worked well in that ensemble.  Fattest sounding Strat I ever had.  Throw some dirt on it with a tube screamer or big muff, or both, and the thing kills for slide guitar.  

In 2013 this was the factory that made FENDER-JAPAN.  DYNA-GAKKI.  Reportedly one of the best quality factories in japan.  DYNA-GAKKI exclusively made FENDER-JAPAN since a few years before TOKAI & DYNA made them, and then FUJIGEN, from 1982~1997 or thereabouts.  All 3 made excellent Fender-Japan guitars.

Salty Rose, 2019

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