Moto #1. Katy Perry... Get Off My Lawn!

Ok, this will probably just be an odd-ball rant.  Ruminations and musing's on the world as it look's from this motorcycle guy's perspective.  Let's do this!

I am aware that there is this thing, characterized by the sum of many points of contention, between 'millennials' and 'boomers'.  Most of the time this awareness comes from seeing the rants of others on social media.  Sometimes these vignettes are humorous, but other times they seem a little hostile.  The whole thing, hostile or not, is funny to me.  It's just history repeating itself.   

My Grandmother actually could remember the first time an automobile, with an internal combustion engine, drove thru her town.  She recalled everyone running out to their front yards to watch it go by.  Thing's we take for granted now, television, commercial air travel, even the modern medical miracle of antibiotics, were future fantasy's for kids in her time.  Thing's her generation probably couldn't imagine during their childhoods.  But these were thing's the boomer kids had in abundance by the 1960's and 70's.  But, the world had a few surprises in store for the boomer kids too, as they got older.

Enter The Internet.  In my 30's a home computer was purchased and installed in the living room.  My life could be compartmentalized in many ways, but two of the biggest compartments would be the time before the internet, and the time after it's introduction.  Fast forward to 2019.  The sheer volume of social media outlet's, music platforms, streaming services, et al, ad nauseum...  is completely overwhelming and mind boggling to this old fashioned simpleton.

So what the hell does all this have to do with Katy Perry, and how'd she end up on my lawn?

Sitting down at breakfast, checking the e-mail's on the hand-held (use to be a newspaper!), somehow end up on a moto-blog called Common Tread, and an article about Katy Perry's new song about Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.  It all happened real fast.  Like everything these days...  Anyhow, the author of the article is a motorcycle guy, and said he wouldn't be able to pick Perry out of a police photo line-up.  Ok, I'm tracking so far, neither would I.  He went on to describe his astonishment, and I was just as shocked as he was, to learn she has 100 million twitter follower's or Instagrammer's or whatever.  The real gist of the piece, was what an incredible Influencer-Coup this is for the MoCo, and wanting to find out if Harley hand a hand in financing this pop star studded extravaganza? 

The spin is that this sort of fell into Harley's lap.  And lot's of folks have been saying for years that the MoCo needs to reach out to the new demographic.  That us dino's are going the way of the dodo, and they better get right with the new, up and coming, button pushing crowd.  So on first glance- a good thing.  At least that's the positive outlook on it.  

Now for this boomer's visceral response to the video...  GET OFF MY LAWN!  ;)

Salty Rose, 2019

Ok, come here kid, let me show you how to check the transmission fluid...


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