Gear Geeks #4. The Marshall Origin Amplifier

Before you get to reading...  I have FIVE Marshall Origin YouTube videos, at the bottom of this page.  Updated February 2020.  Enjoy!

As of December 2019, I've had my ORI50H for a few months now.  I recorded The ‘I Can Shine’ album with it, with a JCM410B 4x10 cabinet. I've used my Origin 50 head for shows with a 2x12 Marshall model 2045 cab from 1976.  Last rock 'n roll show did reveal that I could actually make use of a 4x12. …Master and gain dime'd on 50 watts, nothing left to give with those two twelve inchers, and realized I coulda maybe used a little more horsepower.  And maybe something a little newer.

Enter the Origin 4x12. 

I love the Marshall ORI50H amplifier. I like the look of the Marshall ORI412 A and B cabinets. And I like the idea of pairing them. I’ve seen folks ask in gear forums about the Marshall Origin cabs... Lots of opinions offered about the merits higher grade Marshall cabs. But not much information offered specific to the Origin cabs. (For instance, I wondered if they came sans caster cups, with just rubber feet, which wouldn't surprise me at the price point.) So, I consulted the Googles... Turned out I couldn't find much specific info on them online. There seems to be a real dearth of info on the G12E-60 in particular (ie: sensitivity, frequency response, etc...). No brick and mortar retailers around here have 'em, either. So, I threw caution to the wind did what any self-respecting gasser would do. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the ORI412A.

Here's my first impression- 

  • Regarding the build materials and speakers. I'm not dissuaded by MDF and lower class Celestion's because I've had very good luck with my JCM410B which is categorically similar. The G12E-60 speakers in the ORI412A look reminiscent of the 1990's Marshall "Gold Back Series" Celestions in my JCM410B. I peeked inside the ORI412A and it looks like it was put together well. 
  • The tolex feels very soft and I wouldn't have expectations of it looking good for long, being moved around without a cover.  Roqsolid makes a real nice cover.
  • I like the 800-era single speaker jack. 
  • This cabinet does have the feet which have receptacles for Marshall casters. In the initial move from truck to house, indication is yes, get some casters. 
  • Skid trays are absent from the roof of the cabinet. 
  • It's a few pounds lighter than some other Marshall 4x12 cabinets. With judicious use of dolly’s and moving blankets I was able to get the ORI412A into the house. 
  • I made a sample video of me noodling a bit on the low five watt setting. With this cab, it's a loud five watts. I may be able to revert from 50, to the 10 watt setting, for shows. (edit Feb 2020: last show, cranked on 10 full 50 watts, see video below!)

Looking forward to cranking this beast. To sum up my first impression- Sounds like a Marshall to me.

Salty Rose, 2019

Part 1 just riffing with the 4x12.

Part 2 taking a look at the guts, and a little more riffing.

Installing casters on the Origin Cabinet.

Connecting a Super Lead 1959SLP Amplifier to the Origin 4x12

Marshall Origin 50 Half Stack, fully cranked volume on 10, onstage!

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