Music #2. 'Last Song'. Studio Preview. Video Sneak Peak. Let's Rock Out.

The 'Last Song' for you.  Two Kinds Of Light is finishing up production on a new version/single of this song.  Always liked this one.  Written by my friend and long time musical associate Kevin Navis.  One of the most creative writers I've met in my travels.  A passionate man who imparts and infuses his writing and guitar work with feeling.  And that has always made him even more of a curiosity to me as he has always maintained a stoic, or better yet, a hardened and tough exterior. 

This song dates back to a hazy past.  A past when as young men, we were out there in the world, and facing some of it's harsh realities for the first time. I had breakfast with Kevin the day after we finished the recording of the Two Kinds Of Light version of this song.  And of course the subject of this songs origins came up.  I have my own interpretation of what it's about.  And Kevin has his.  He steadfastly asserted that my own assumptions about it are a little off base.  And that it's origins are really ambiguous.  Fair enough.  To me this song resonates with a feeling that I think everyone encounters at some point.  And so this professed ambiguity makes it a song that if your feeling it, whatever it's about, then it's your song too.  And that's what makes it so good. 

We actually recorded the 'Last Song' basic-track during the 'Coming Home' sessions.  I called Glenn Sherba to let him know we were releasing Coming Home.  Turned out he was going to be in town the next day, so we booked a last minute recording session, and added the finishing touches to the Last Song's basic-tracks.  I invited Kevin, the author, to attend as well.   

Terry Watkin and I had done all the work on the basic-tracks.  At this session we added lead vocals.  Glenn added his magical slide guitar.  Kevin, and Glenn's wife Colleen, then added backing vocals.  I think everyone who was there agreed it was a good session.  To me it was even more than that.  It was a magical moment. 

I always liked this one.  The result of this combination of talent on this song takes it to a place that I never imagined it could go.  I like it even better now.  I hope you do too.  And hopefully it's not really the 'last song'.   :) 

Salty Rose, 11/18/2019


  • kevin

    kevin navis

    more cowbell, glenn midblowing guitarist

    more cowbell, glenn midblowing guitarist

  • Two Kinds Of Light

    Two Kinds Of Light

    Cowbell? Shoulda had you in the studio ;)

    Cowbell? Shoulda had you in the studio wink

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