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Life is trying things to see if they work.”

— Ray Bradbury


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1995 Marshall JTM45 RI
1975 Marshall Model #2045 Cabinet
Gibson Historic R8 Plaintop Les Paul- Standard
2019 Gibson SG Special P-90
Tube Screamer TS-9
1964 Fender Princeton Reverb
1974 Fender Jazz Bass
Danelectro Baby Sitar RI
Pork Pie Drums

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Dobro Hound Dog 
Marshall Model #1959 Super Lead RI 
Marshall 425A Cabinet 
Goldtop Video
Fender Telecaster LTD Edition 50'S-Thinline Telecaster Relic

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Gibson SG Junior Original Collection
Marshall Origin ORI50H 
90's Marshall JCMC410B Cabinet 
Squier CV 70's P-Bass 
1986 Marshall Artist 30 Model #3203 
Sligo Tweed Pro Clone Circuit 5E5A
Small Club Live Rig Video
Squier Tele Thinline Video
Gibson Historic LPJr Video
StewMac Golden Age Pickup Video

Once Upon A Time...

The JTM45 Reissue

JTM45 Reissue model 2245

Marshall JTM45 Reissue Mk II

1995 Marshall JTM45 model 2245

This amp has seen action with all the Ventura Bands I've been in, since I got it.  It has the 5881 (stock reissue) power tubes, and a real UK Mullard in V1.  My preference over the years has been to play it on 10, or with a Tubescreamer at lower volumes.  This is "The British Bassman".  Legend has it that the first Marshalls (of which this is a copy) were designed by copying, or reverse engineering, a Fender Bassman.  But building them with the British parts which were available to them at the time in the UK.  This amp is a tone machine.  The reissue's construction includes UK made Drake transformers. The sound sample is JTM45 & 2045 CABINET, NO MASTER VOLUME AND NO PEDALS.

Marshall 2045 "Suitcase" Cabinet