From the recording I Can Shine

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Campaign ribbons mean something
Smoke and fire and the dirty air
This feeling inside means nothing
If the love that I’m longing for
Just isn’t there

Livin and loving means something
The wanting and waiting and dreams in the air
The time and the toll mean nothing
And the scars that I wear
Well, no one said it was fair

I’m a man who believes it’s his duty
I’m a man who is honor bound
I’m a man who can take the time
I’m a man on a mission to make you mine

Badges and flags are reminders
Of the ships and the planes and the boots on the ground
The feeling inside means nothing
If the home and the heart
Is never to be found

Some men never go nowhere
Some men really don’t care
Some men never done nothin
Some men don’t have the balls to ever get there