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Sligo Amps Fender 5E5A Tweed Pro Clone

Sligo Tweed Pro Amp

Fender Clone of the 5E5A Circuit

This was an Ebay score.  Sligo was listing his builds there.  I contacted him (Steve Clark aka Sligo) and he built me this amp.  Mercury Magnetics Iron, some old tubes, and a 1966 Jensen Concert Speaker round out the package.  I did two Tweed Pro Amp video's featuring this amp, and you can hear Tex Burbank (aka Glenn Sherba) play some ripping slide thru this amp with my R8, on the songs:  Last Song, and Coming Home.  Nick Bracamonte (aka Tonewolf) looked it over and called it a "faithful clone", and pointed out that the components aren't your generic kit-build stuff.  Sligo put some good stuff in this amp.

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