From the recording The Big Sky

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Salty Rose- guitar, bass, and vocals
Glenn Sherba- slide guitar
Lacey Watkin- vocals
Terry Watkin- drums


Ferguson Hodges

Verse 1
I heard a man say he’d shoot someone
Because he didn’t like what they said
I decided to stand and tell that man
That’s not the American Way
I’m loading my guitar with a song of hope
Fighting to find a sound
Some of my Brothers have lost their way
I’m gonna sing till they come around


Ferguson Hodges, he woke to see
The dawn of a brand-new day
He’d be treated like a man
People would listen to what he’d say
A new birth of freedom is ringing out
You can hear it across the land
Voices of people standing together
Singing hand in hand

Verse 2
Still he knows deep down inside
The work has just begun
Some people don’t want to see a change
They’ll block out the rays of The Son
But he’ll be there to help them up
When he sees them fall down
Cause he knows what it’s like to fall
When you don’t want to be down


Verse 3
Brothers and Sisters we hold this truth
Conceived in liberty
Dedicated to the proposition
That you are just like me
It’s with dedication
To what they so nobly advanced
And with increased devotion
To this song that we hear at last